Consulting Biologists


         The shallow draft, eighteen foot, aluminum boat, Blue Lightning, is powered with a 150 horsepower outboard jet. The craft can be rigged for water quality sampling, electrofishing, SCUBA diving, or hydrographic surveying. Spacious, open  floor area is available for carrying crew and/or equipment.

        A 23 foot WORKSKIFF, the Kathy G,  has been rigged with a unique overhead, I-beam boom running parallel to the centerline and extending three feet over the bow. A traveling trolley on the I-beam allows placing the load anywhere in the forward cargo area. The boom is equipped with a 1,000 pound lift capacity, hydraulic winch with 200 feet of 1/4 inch cable. Heavier loads can be handled by double rigging the load cable. The winch is capable of a slow speed power-out or freefall. This design allows for handling heavy loads without compromising the vessel's stability. The boom assembly and winch can be easily removed when not needed.

        A custom designed cabin provides room for a variety of electronics and sampling equipment. Accompanying electronics include a depthsounder, marine DSC class C VHF radio, and a Trimble NT300D GPS unit, capable of real-time, sub-meter positioning. The navigation system can be further enhanced with radar, a laptop computer and digital charts. The boat is powered with a 200 horsepower outboard motor.

        The Kathy G has been used extensively on the lower Snake River between Lewiston, Idaho, and Pasco, Washington, and on the Columbia River, for collecting sediment samples using Ponar, Shipek sediment sampler and ballchek core samplers. The vessel can also be equipped for hydrographic surveying, SCUBA diving or water quality sampling.

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