Ralston & Associates
Research Vessel Kathy G

Length: 23'
Beam: 102"
Draft: 30"
Freeboard: 30"
Floor width: 84"
Capacity: 12 persons
Pilothouse: 60" x 60" with locking door and windows
Fuel capacity: 108 gallons
Power: 200 horsepower outboard

Monorail boom with traveling trolley, 1000 lbs. capacity
Hydraulic winch with 200' of 1/4' cable rated at 1000 lbs.
(Boom and winch can be removed when not needed.)
44" vertical clearance between cable eye and bow deck
80" vertical clearance between cable eye and work deck
ICOM Marine VHF radio (DSC class C)
Depth sounder
Hailer with intercom function
Trimble NT300D DGPS navigator (12 channel with two channel radiobeacon receiver, sub-meter accuracy)
DGPS receiver can be interfaced with laptop computer running hydrographic survey software, navigation chart
    programs or other data collection software.
Can be used for recording and/or returning to sampling locations or, when used with survey grade depthsounder,
    can be used to conduct hydrographic surveys.
Washdown pump and hose
Halogen driving lights
Boarding ladder and 3.5 cfm air compressor are available to support SCUBA divers.
Pilothouse has passenger side table for use as a work area or equipment platform.

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